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pillowPOINTS - our loyalty program

About pillowPOINTS

pillowPOINTS is a unique travel rewards program which allows you to earn pillowPOINTS with every booking you make on need it now or on one of our other partner websites. As you earn pillowPOINTS you will be able to redeem them against future bookings and with no block out dates the options are endless.


Member Benefits
  • Accumulate pillowPOINTS for every confirmed booking you make and save on your future bookings.
  • Your pillowPOINTS are converted into member dollars when you redeem pillowPOINTS for your next booking
  • Access thousands of top hotel deals.
  • Regular newsletters and exclusive hotel deals will enable you to increase your pillowPOINTS.
  • Earn pillowPOINTS on multiple travel products from Hotels, to car hire even travel insurance.
  • Monthly pillowPOINTS Statements to provide you with your latest point balance and activity or you can view online.
  • All members receive a pillowPOINTS membership card with your member details. There are 3 levels of pillowPOINTS membership - SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM.
  • You can start to use your pillowPOINTS to pay for all or part of your future bookings as soon as you have reached 5,000 pillowPOINTS in your Current Account Balance.


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To join now or find out more, visit the pillowPOINTS website, (